Meet the Artist

Anastasia Zielinski is a multidisciplinary artist and arts educator. Her practice centers around painting, fiber-based collage, and installation art. She received her BFA with a minor in art history from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY 2005). Ms. Zielinski has shown her work nationally and internationally, creating site-specific installations for INSCAPE arts, Shunpike’s Storefront Seattle, Spaceworks Tacoma, and CLAVO. Recent residencies include Casa Lü and eeeee, both located in Mexico City. She is featured in issue #40 of CREATE! Magazine. Anastasia is one of the 2023 recipients of the Jerry Goldstein Foundation award. Ms. Zielinski currently lives and works in Bend, Oregon.



My work explores the natural world and our connection to it. Time spent outside is vital to my wellbeing and artistic practice. My process starts with walking meditations. As I move, surroundings dissolve into patterns of color and light. I experience a sense of wonder, creative energy, and a desire to share these positive sensations with others. Through my art I document the plant life of public spaces, gardens, parks, and open lands. Rather than highlight grand vistas and panoramas, I focus on the varieties of vegetation that thrive in the often-overlooked areas along my walks. I am particularly drawn to moments of overgrowth and density, where there is no foreseeable end to the foliage. These mysterious environments inspire dense, detailed compositions that spark wonder and captivate the viewer.